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I love Cardio Weights!  I have been doing Jenn’s program for 9 months and am amazed by the results! Cardio Weights has helped me rebuild muscles that have been “missing” for 20 years, improve balance, increase endurance and energy, and drop 3 dress sizes!  I will definitely stick with Cardio Weights in the New Year!


Kathleen, 41

I play tennis two to three times a week during the summer and I was originally just looking for something to help me stay in shape through the off-season. The Cardio Weights program seemed like a great option given the short time commitment and the ability to combine both cardio and strength training in one workout. Not only has it helped me to maintain the weight loss I typically get during the summer, but I’ve actually gained muscle definition as well. I’ve found it so helpful that I now plan to try to maintain a twice weekly regimen even during the tennis season!


Matt, 41

Cardio Weights improved my tone, strength, cardiovascular endurance, and balance.  Last spring I committed to running my first half-marathon.  As my runs became longer, I found little time for core and upper body work.  I lost my upper arm tone and was even avoiding wearing sleeveless tops.  I was also plagued by hamstring and ankle injuries. Jenn created a weekly workout plan that included a combination of Cardio Weights and shorter runs, while still allowing time for distance training. I am happy to say that I finished my race with neither hamstring nor ankle pain. As a bonus, I confidently bared my arms!

Deanna Jean, 46

I really love this weight program!  I’m 25 and going into the weight area at my gym can be intimidating…the machines always bored me anyways.  With Cardio Weights I never have to talk myself into lifting weights, and I actually look forward to it.  I also have a sensitive neck and shoulder area and many weightlifting classes (even the machines) are hard on my neck and joints. Cardio Weights has fluid movements that don’t cause pain.  I get an excellent workout and I have fun doing it!

Amy, 25

This is the most balanced workout program I’ve ever done. In over 30 years of consistent exercising, I have never discovered a better way to safely and efficiently get my weight lifting done.  There are other ways to get in shape, but it will take you more than twice as long as Cardio Weights does!

Mark, 46

I love this program!  As a busy college student, Cardio Weights has allowed me to consistently fit in a full body weight training workout.  Not only does this help tone my entire body, but it also gives me a cardio workout at the same time!  When I am really struggling to find time to work out, I do this routine 3 times a week and skip my extra cardio workouts.  What I find amazing is that when I pick up running again, I have no problem running 4 or 5 miles. This is proof of the dual functionality of Cardio Weights!This program keeps me on track and really is the perfect solution for anyone with a busy schedule!

Allie, 21

Cardio Weights has positively changed my workouts. This combination of weight training and cardio exercise has helped me lose weight, get stronger and helped me feel better about my middle aged body. Doing Cardio Weights 2 to 3 times per week along with a couple of runs is the perfect fitness regimen for me and my wife. A unique benefit of Cardio Weights is that I feel like I never hit a plateau. Because I can vary the weights, repetitions, and exercises, I am able to continually challenge my muscles and body!

Bryan, 45

Cardio Weights is perfect for the college student who can’t afford a gym membership, but needs a workout they can do in a small space such as an apartment.  It is affordable and the workouts are only ten minutes each. This allows me to choose how long I want to work-out each day.  Since starting Cardio Weights, I’ve already started to see changes in muscle definition and tone.  I always look forward to trying the new workouts!

Heather, 22

I can say that whether you work out consistently or just a few times per month, anytime I do Cardio Weights I can see an immediate difference in how toned my legs and arms are. This is encouraging and makes me want to continue using the workout as I see such quick results. It is a wonderful workout for winter or when you just don’t want to leave the house because you can workout while watching television.

Emily, 25

I love being able to do one workout but get the results of two! With the Cardio Weights work out, I get a great cardio blast and build muscle at the same time.  My friends and I agree that it is the best way to trim down and tone up our bodies before, during, and after menopause.  Thanks for creating such an efficient, easy and fun workout program!

Sara, 45

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