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Let’s face it.  We love to eat!



What is the one thing that we all keep from birth until death?

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To whom or what do you look to for help?

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At SimplyFit4Life, we believe healthy balanced living should be enjoyed in all our relationships and interactions.

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Cardio Weights!

Our signature Cardio Weights program is used to educate participants about lifting weights safely and effectively at home while getting an aerobic workout at the same time.

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Lydia Anikin is joining the simplyfit4life.com team!

We are so excited to have Lydia Anikin join the simplyfit4life.com team! Lydia Anikin has a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry.  She worked as an Exercise Physiologist and researcher with cross country skiers in Norway in...

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Mind & Body Training

You have probably heard of personal training or body training, but have you ever heard of mind training? You have most likely experienced mind training at some point in your life through relaxation exercises. Mind training is often a relaxation technique like...

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Glorifying God by Caring for His Gift to YOU!

Glorifying God by Caring for His Gift to YOU! There are many reasons that might motivate you to care for yourself and to be healthy. Here are four reasons that might inspire you .. It glorifies God You’re taking care of your body –  His temple It’s being a good...

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