You have probably heard of personal training or body training, but have you ever heard of mind training? You have most likely experienced mind training at some point in your life through relaxation exercises. Mind training is often a relaxation technique like meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, visualization, prayer, massage, yoga etc.  Our minds are quite powerful and steer how our bodies feel and react to different activities and experiences in our lives. Being able to relax your mind, may enable you to relax your entire body. Many of us take the time to engage in body training through physical exercise, but find it difficult to take the time for mind training; however, the benefit of mind training can have great rewards, especially in stress relief.

Mind training can also benefit body training. When you workout, your mind or attitude greatly affects your body training for the day. If you start exercising with a bad attitude, it can often affect the quality of a workout. If you start a workout by thinking how blessed you are to be able to workout, it changes the effort during the workout. Mind training helps create a better quality of workout. Being mindful of each movement and body position helps one correctly perform the exercises. When mind training is used alongside body training, a person may do less repetitions of each exercise and do exercises more slowly, but feel it more because of concentration on doing exercises right. Correct form during body training greatly enhances the results of the workout.

Mind training may also help you navigate your life. How you think about each day or activity greatly affects the outcome of your efforts. Its time to add prayer, meditation, deep breathing, stretching etc. to your day. If you take a little time for mind and body training, you may find yourself navigating life’s journey a bit more smoothly.

Jennifer is Co-Founder of SimplyFit4Life LLC & Creator of the Cardio Weights Division. She has a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology and Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Behavior, but her real education has been attained in the school of marriage, motherhood, and family/friend/client/coworker relations.
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