We are so excited to have Lydia Anikin join the simplyfit4life.com team!

Lydia Anikin has a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry.  She worked as an Exercise Physiologist and researcher with cross country skiers in Norway in 2014.   Currently, she is a triathlon, ski, and soccer coach along with being a ballroom dance instructor.  Lydia is an advocate of a ‘moving’ lifestyle, meaning fitness and wellness are obtained through daily activities, and that each individual has a different exercise-recipe. 

Three nights a week Lydia ballroom dances because it is fun, social, and active.  Czar, her dog, likes it when Lydia goes mountain biking and running in the city parks.  As for other enjoyments, she likes to sing, especially Journey songs, and make videos for her YouTube channel – A Better Version of Me.

Lydia is joining our wellness workshop team this fall and is also featured in our new, Crazy/Lazy Fit workouts at simplyfit4life.com. Lydia was my classmate in the Master of Science Exercise Physiology program at The College of Saint Scholastica. She is smart, funny, dependable, and extremely motivating to work with! I would not have made it through biochemistry without her! Welcome to simplyfit4life.com Lydia!

Jennifer is Co-Founder of SimplyFit4Life LLC & Creator of the Cardio Weights Division. She has a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology and Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Behavior, but her real education has been attained in the school of marriage, motherhood, and family/friend/client/coworker relations.
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