Its that time of year again for New Years resolutions, make that Happy New Years resolutions. You’ve decided to make some healthy behavior changes. Perhaps you recently went to your dresser and pulled out your fat jeans thinking you won’t depress yourself by trying on your small clothes; however, you then discover your fat jeans are feeling a little snug too! Ugh! It’s time to pull yourself up by your lycra tights and get moving. There is no time like the present to start new healthy behaviors.

The procrastination is over; but, where do you start? Do you go on a crash diet? Exercise like crazy? Vow to never eat sugar, chips or junk food again? Hmmm, perhaps you have tried these methods before and failed? Most of us fail our New Years resolutions and it is probably because they are quite unrealistic. This year, try changing your attitude about fitness and food first, before changing your behaviors. Try a new technique…start thinking about fitness as a form of entertainment instead of a chore. Make it fun by getting your friends to join you for a walk, hike, run, ski, or snowshoe. Maybe night of dancing with less drinking and eating involved? How about making healthy menus a hobby instead of a diet plan? Perhaps you could invite friends over for a potluck dinner with a healthy recipe challenge?

Make this New Year happy by making fitness and food more fun! Yep, change that attitude first and then the behavior changes will follow more easily. Happy New Year and may your new attitude give you a healthier, happy year!

Jennifer is Co-Founder of SimplyFit4Life LLC & Creator of the Cardio Weights Division. She has a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology and Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Behavior, but her real education has been attained in the school of marriage, motherhood, and family/friend/client/coworker relations.
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