Let’s face it.  We love to eat! It is a part of life that comes easily to most of us and better yet, it’s enjoyable!  That’s the good news. The bad news… healthy eating can seem difficult at times.

We want our families to eat balanced meals in order to maintain healthy lifestyles, but good nutrition takes time and planning.  Shopping for ingredients and meal preparation is certainly time-consuming. To make the challenge even more difficult, the FDA has upped the suggested servings of fruits and vegetables to 7-13 daily.  That’s a lot of produce!  Making healthy meals filled with produce can be stressful. Have you ever tried a new healthy recipe, only to have your children and/or spouse turn up their noses at the “healthy” meal? We want to help you with this challenge and will do our best to post family- friendly, healthy recipes on our blog.

Everyone can learn to eat less sugar, fatty meats, refined carbohydrates, unhealthy fats, junk food, and fast food. Our goal is to help you learn to eat better.  We can make our “normal” diets include more produce, whole grain carbohydrates, lean meats, healthy fats and home cooked meals. Bad food choices are merely habits that need to be changed!

Of course, none of us eat perfectly all of the time; however, in a balanced lifestyle, the goal should be to eat healthy most of the time with a few splurges now and then.

Welcome to!

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