What is the one thing that we all keep from birth until death? We have houses, cars, children, spouses, friends, jobs, and many possessions. We spend a lot of time taking care of others and our possessions. However, our children grow up, and we frequently change jobs, houses, cars, etc. The one thing we do keep, our bodies, we often neglect and let fall into disrepair. Why do we take care of so many things and leave out our personal health?

We won’t argue about the importance of taking care of loved ones, but if we don’t take care of our health are we actually taking care of our loved ones?

If you are incredibly busy and want a simple and effective workout that can be done at home, then Cardio Weights is the right workout for you! The Cardio Weights program is designed to give you a total body weight and aerobic workout in ten minute cycles. You can tailor this program to meet your personal fitness goals by doing one or more cycles each weight training day. You can do what works for you without feeling guilty!

Our goal is to help you find simple solutions to combat some of our biggest health issues in life: illness, obesity, exhaustion, lack of energy, depression, poor body image, lack of aerobic fitness, and lack of strength and vitality. Let us help you become SimplyFit4Life!

Depression Help / Gratitude Journaling

Recent mental health studies point to gratitude journaling as a healing tool for depression. In one study, participants wrote down just three positive things about their day every night before bed. This group showed improvement in depressive symptoms after only two weeks (Harbaugh & Vasey, 2014)!

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Need Motivation to Exercise?

Did you know that our longevity is influenced only 20% by genetics and 80% by our lifestyle? This means we all have great influence on our own health by the way we live, eat, and exercise! Exercise is one of the most effective lifestyle changes you can make! If you need some more motivation to get moving, please read on.

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