We think of family as our spouses, children, parents, and siblings; however, it can also include our work family, church family, friends, and extended relationships. Family may be anyone who directly influences our behaviors and whom we also influence with our habits on a regular basis. At SimplyFit4Life, we believe healthy balanced living should be enjoyed in all our relationships and interactions.

Life is busy. Those we love may, inadvertently, be put on the back burner of our lives, in order to handle what’s directly in front of us. We believe our loved ones are top priority in life’s order, right alongside our relationship with God.

Some of the responsibilities of parenting involve investing in our children’s lives and futures, which includes modeling healthy living. We all fail at times in our leadership, but lessons can be learned even through our mistakes. We don’t attempt to counsel families, but strive to point the way toward positive healthy habits and behaviors.

We seek simple strategies to advance you and your family toward a more balanced, healthy life.

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Welcome to Crazy/Lazy Fit Workouts!

Welcome to “Crazy/Lazy Fit” workouts! Our goal is to inspire lazy fit people (you hate to exercise) as well as crazy fit people (you live to exercise) to do full body workouts a few times per week. The number one excuse most people give for not exercising is that they...

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Mind & Body Training

You have probably heard of personal training or body training, but have you ever heard of mind training? You have most likely experienced mind training at some point in your life through relaxation exercises. Mind training is often a relaxation technique like...

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