Now is a great time to schedule a fall wellness workshop or retreat with SimplyFit4Life!  Could your organization, church, business, or school use a little boost toward better health? Most people need a little encouragement and support to jump start a new wellness program.

SimplyFit4Life, LLC is a professional wellness company offering on-site wellness workshops and retreats. We believe optimal health is attained through balanced living. Our team will travel to your facility and present a positive wellness workshop that emphasizes moderation in all healthy endeavors. We use guidelines and information from highly credible sources: National Institutes of Health, American Heart Association, Centers for Disease Control, and American College of Sports Medicine. Our goal is to motivate and energize your organization toward better health.

We have many different options for you to choose from…

1 to 4 Hour Workshop Presentations Include:

  • Motivation to Move: Exercise equals disease prevention and better health
  • Exercise Guidelines: Strategies to make exercise easier for everyone
  • Eat Well/Live Well: Create better eating habits
  • Strength Training 101: Basics of strength training

Optional Wellness Presentations:  (1-2 day retreats also available)

  • Sleep Better: Improve your sleep habits
  • Stress Management: Learn strategies to reduce your stress
  • Overcome Your Barriers to Exercise: Take the Barriers to Exercise Quiz
  • Non-Specific Low Back Pain: Reduce low back pain
  • Osteoporosis & Sarcopenia Prevention: Reduce bone & muscle loss
  • Exercise Sessions: Participation with many types of exercise options
  • Exercise in Disguise: ???
  • Mind/Body Awareness Sessions: Yoga, Stretching, Meditation, & Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • Faith/Wellness Connection: For faith based organizations

Wellness Presenters:

  • Jennifer Widstrom(MS Exercise Physiology / Personal Trainer)
  • Lydia Anikin(MS Exercise Physiology /Coach / Dance Instructor)
  • Deanna Nelson(RN / BSN / Personal Trainer)
  • Sara Brown(MS Education / Personal Trainer)
  • Judy Preciado(BA Pastoral Theology / Cross Cultural Communications)

Please contact us at SimplyFit4Life, LLC to schedule a Fitness Fair today…  or  218-340-5039

Jennifer is Co-Founder of SimplyFit4Life LLC & Creator of the Cardio Weights Division. She has a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology and Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Behavior, but her real education has been attained in the school of marriage, motherhood, and family/friend/client/coworker relations.
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