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Here’s a sampling of our latest workouts:

Cycle One: Motivation is a total body workout.  This interval strength training program is approximately ten minutes in length depending upon how many repetitions are performed of each exercise. There are different combinations of exercises that strengthen your upper body, lower body, and core while giving you an aerobic workout at the same time.  Look for a fierce combination exercise involving inner thighs and triceps which makes Cycle One a motivating experience! Available as an Instructional Guide (PDF)

Cycle Two: Action is approximately a ten minute total body workout. This cycle is designed to get you moving while toning your muscles at the same time.  All Cardio Weights programs are designed with special combinations of exercises in a particular sequence to give an interval strength training workout. In Cycle two, look for real action in a movement that involves deltoids, quadriceps, hamstrings, and gluteals all in one! Available as an Instructional Guide (PDF) .

Cycle Three: Dedication is another ten minute interval strength training workout. This workout should make you a dedicated Cardio Weights fan with its unique combinations of exercises designed to tone and strengthen your body from head to toe. Look for a triceps/gluteal lift combo that will get your heart rate pumping from the start and make you dedicated to finish this ten minutes of non-stop fun (o.k., that may be pushing it, shall we say fun to feel toned?)! Available as an Instructional Guide (PDF).


Inspiration is a 30 minute workout and the original inspiration for the Cardio Weights program.  It contains two cycles of interval strength training and one cycle of lower body/arm strength training. Each cycle is approximately ten minutes.  The last cycle concentrates on the hamstrings (back of the thigh area) as this can be an area of weakness for many people. All of our opposing muscle groups should have balanced strength to prevent injuries. For example, if your quadriceps muscles are strong then your hamstring muscles should be also. The Cardio Weights Inspiration program is designed with special combinations of exercises in a particular sequence to give you a total body strength and aerobic interval workout. Available as Instructional Guide (PDF).

Stretch – While it is quite important to warm your body up for 5 minutes before you begin exercising, it is just as important to finish a workout with a relaxing stretch.  This power point set has examples of stretches you could do at the end of your workout.  We suggest stretching after you exercise while your muscles are still warm and you are a little more flexible. Hold each stretch for approximately 30 seconds.  Do not pull on any joint areas such as behind your knees while stretching.  Stretch to a comfortable point and avoid overstretching. Available as an Instructional Guide (PDF).

Cycle Four – Double Trouble is an advanced workout. All combinations include two different lower body moves and two upper body moves. Look for one combination to include a lunge with biceps and a side squat with deltoids. Your coordination and balance skills will be challenged in Double Trouble. Try it today! Available as an Instructional Guide (PDF).

Cycle Five – Drive is a workout is for intermediate to advanced exercisers. It will have you working on your coordination skills. Beginners can give it a try also, but must remember not to get discouraged if it seems a little tricky at times! The combination exercises incorporate 2 different lower body movements with just one upper body movement. Give Cycle 5 a test Drive today! Available as both Instructional Guide (PDF).

Cycle Six – Ambition is a workout for every level of exerciser from beginner to advanced. There are 3 combination exercises and 3 single exercises to give you a true interval strength training workout. Look for a combo that combines hamstrings, overhead deltoid presses and incorporates balance training to get your heart pumping! Try Cycle 6 today! Available as an Instructional Guide (PDF).

Cycle Seven – Double Dare is an intermediate to advanced level workout. Some of the combination exercises may challenge your coordination and balance. This workout will tone muscles you never knew you had while giving you a great aerobic blast at the same time. Try Cycle 7 today! Available as an Instructional Guide (PDF).

Cycle Eight – It’s Never Too Late

For all levels, beginner to advanced. You will get great muscle building, body toning, and fat burning in one simple workout. Look for a great lower body, deltoid, and oblique combination to improve your shape. Available as an Instructional Guide (PDF).

Cycle Nine & Ten – Band Aid

AKA: “Band Aids For Bad Knees” This workout is for everyone, but especially those of you who find squats and lunges hard on your knees. There are two complete cycles using bands and weights to give both your upper and lower body a challenge without squats and lunges. It ends with a third cycle of inner & outer-thighs, hamstrings, and extra arm work. Try this 30 minutes of fun and your knees will love you! Available as an Instructional Guide (PDF).

Cycle Eleven & Twelve – Fitness Fair

A 20 minute workout showcasing the versatility of our interval strength training program by using light weights for beginners and heavier weights for more advanced exercisers. Cycle 12 also uses exercise bands to give an added punch to our lower body muscles. Try this video if you are just starting Cardio Weights and enjoy a great aerobic plus weight lifting workout! Available as an Instructional Guide (PDF).

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